Our basic philiosophy is to mimic the harmony in diversity that exists in nature.

We have always felt strongly about animals living happy lives. A large influence in our desire to farm naturally was to produce food that we could feel good about feeding ourselves and our children. 

On our farm, and really on any truly sustainable, natural farm, the goal is to diversify. We try to have as many plants and animals working together as possible to create a natural environment. As we do so we have happier animals, create less waste, and produce more food per acre than any other type of farm. The animals and the land work in perfect harmony; the symbiotic relationship is palpable. Being good stewards of the animals and the earth is our passion.

As we have started producing our own food we have discovered how rewarding it can be, and hope to help others move towards their own food freedom. The plants and animals that we grow represent the highest quality food available; both in terms of nutritional content and being safe to feed to your family.