Get Ready To Reap What We Sow

Mobile Chicken Coops

We build and sell high quality chicken coops that are designed to be highly predator resistant and low maintenance. They are also built with wheels that allow you to move the coop around your yard, allowing an even spreading of chicken manure around the property. This acts as a great fertilizer all while preventing smelly and unsightly build-up of chicken wastes.

We also have add-on features that you can purchase to make flock keeping less work and less worry, such as a solar operated automatic door, auto waterer and large capacity feeders.

Our coops are built to be durable and still attractive and light weight. They are made of cedar and redwood materials and are constructed using mortise and tenon joinery. The coops are 3ft wide by 6ft long and stand a little over 3ft tall. They are designed to accommodate up to 4 hens. You will find a much better coop from Dudley Creek Farm than at the big box stores. It will last for years and always be a great addition to your urban farm.

Help & Advice

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