Vegetable Produce

Expect vegetables like lettuce, kale, spinach, squashes, beans, tomatoes, and herbs, etc. We will provide an online listing from time to time, or simply call us with any questions. For the most recent updates follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

*please note that you do not need to be a CSA member to purchase this item


Probably the most basic food item that we offer is the good old egg. But our eggs are very different from what you buy at the store. Our flock is made up of numerous breeds of chicken (you’ll want to visit the farm to take a peek). They live out on the pasture with the cows and the sheep, spending their nights in a chicken coop on wheels that moves to a new spot of ground every few days. Our eggs are collected daily and as fresh as it gets. Probably the most important part of our egg production model is the hens diet. While they do eat some natural feed, much of their diet consists of the grasses and plants that make up our pasture and the insects that live on the pasture. So while they are giving us eggs, they are also cleaning and fertilizing the fields after the cows and sheep, etc. have moved on to fresh grass. This reduces the insect population and creates a healthy, nourishing pasture. Why Farm Fresh Eggs?

*please note that you do not need to be a CSA member to purchase this item

Duck Eggs

We also have a smaller duck flock that roams the farm eating insect pests out of the garden and orchard. Duck eggs are great for many people who have an allergy to chicken eggs. Healthy happy ducks produce great eggs.

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We have bees here on the farm. We keep the bees because of the healthful impact that they have on our pastures, fruit trees, and veggies. A wonderful byproduct of this is delicious raw local honey. We have our own extraction equipment and harvest ourselves. We make sure to have plants on the property that are known for producing delicious honey and have a high nectar flow, to make sure that our bees are well fed and that our honey is the best tasting around. Honey isn’t available for harvest every year, so check with us for availability.

*please note that you do not need to be a CSA member to purchase this item

Meat Chickens

(Available only to CSA Members)

We also raise chickens for meat. These chickens are also raised on pasture, and just as with the eggs, the natural diet creates a much healthier bird. A healthier bird makes healthier meat. And a lot better tasting too! Our meat birds live on pasture and move onto new grass everyday. Our meat birds are only available to those who own shares in the flock. The CSA Meat contracts are available at the farm or on-line.


(Available only to CSA Members)

Both our heritage and our broad breasted turkeys are raised in the same manner as our meat chickens. Heritage breads take longer to grow and thus have more dark meat and are considered to have superior flavor. Broad-breasted turkeys are more like what you would get in the store and will be larger on average than heritage breeds. If you like white meat than this would be the way to go.

Beef and Pork

We have a growing cow herd and are working on grass fed beef. A limited quantity of Dudley Creek Farm pork will be available next year. Please contact us to find out more.

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