10 Reasons Why Farm Fresh Eggs Are For You

  1. Farm Fresh Eggs are just that. Fresh! The eggs you buy in the store are often weeks or even months old.
  2. Pasture Raised are nutritionally superior to eggs from the supermarket. Research shows that pastured hens produce eggs that are higher in vitamins A, E; Omega fatty acids; and lower in cholesterol and fat.
  3. By buying eggs from a local farm you are supporting local business and agriculture. These hens are given feed from local mills and the eggs never leave Colorado.
  4. Buying farm fresh eggs means that you are assured that there are no antibiotics or hormones used in raising the hens.
  5. Dudley Creek farms is committed to heritage breeds that support biodiversity and our agricultural heritage.
  6. Pasture raised eggs are the only sustainable and humane way of producing eggs. You can be sure that the hens that lay your eggs have lived healthy active lives foraging on grass and bugs.
  7. By supporting Dudley Creek Farm you are helping to conserve agricultural lands right here in Northern Colorado that are well stewarded.
  8. These eggs are so fresh that you can buy several dozen with full confidence that they will last in your fridge for several weeks.
  9. These eggs are more sustainable as they are produced locally and the hens are fed from local mills, thus being less reliant on fossil fuels for processing and regional or national transportation.
  10. Dudley Creek Farm cares about environmental stewardship. Not only do we never use pesticides or herbicides, but we strive to create habitat for birds and wildlife. We also work to create a biologically diverse landscape that not only produces better food, but a system that is in harmony with the planet.